There are some places that change you because, deep down, you always end up where you are supposed to be. Life is an amazing journey and it gives us the opportunity to explore so many places, no matter what our means are: we should be grateful for that. I want to share some photos of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen. These now have a special place in my heart; I find them interesting ‘cause they have that “something” that makes me think all the time. When a particular spot is quiet, isolated, maybe pure and overwhelmingly stunning, I feel a strange joy that spreads in my heart and this feature let my imagination run wild. This is what I call the “philosophical aura” of a place. I know you got this: everybody has at least one special place like this where to go from time to time. So here’s my list!

1 → Cliffs of Moher  (County Clare, Ireland)                    11800304_10206483437437511_8351537716385757708_n   

This is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen or been in my entire life. The sound made by the waves that crush upon the rocks, the seagulls, the blowing wind make this landscape absolutely amazing! I thought a lot when I was out there, about everything! Really a place for philosophers I guarantee.

2 → Acropolis (Athens)


 Well …I do not have words, Athens is the cradle of civilization, the motherland of the Western philosophy. When I was up there, I glanced the modern Athens beneath the hill and the discrepance between past and present really upset me. A place worth visiting!

3 → Stonehenge (Wiltshire, England)


Like the Acropolis, the gigantic stones of this site made me think about the past. Another fact worth noticing is that, when you walk near circle time almost stops and you don’t realize its passing. I felt this weird feeling and it is one of the reasons why Stonehenge is still in my heart.

4 → Capo Colonna (Calabria, Italy)

download (1)

Capo Colonna is a cape located in Calabria, near the city of Crotone. Here a Greek doric temple was located and now this is what remains: a solitary column that reminds us the former glory of a Greek colony in Calabria. Crotone is my home town and, every time I come back home I never miss the chance to visit this cape. This is a safe heven for me and there is nothing that this place can’t fix.

That’s it! Living in Italy the fourth place is easily attainable to me but if I have the chance I will absolutely come back to Greece, England or Ireland.

What about you? Let me know your favourite places in the world with a comment.



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