I have just decided to create a new category in my blog and it’s called “Inspirations”. I am going to collect everything I have found or I find interesting in this section, so, basically, what inspires me on a daily basis. Here is a list of books that somehow have changed my life. I will publish other posts about books so I can add everything comes to my mind or all that is new about this topic. Enjoy!

Peter Singer → Animal Liberation

Voltaire → Candide

Nietzsche → Human, All too human

Richard Dawkins -> The God Delusion

Franz Kafka → Stories

Oscar Wilde → De Profundis

Virginia Woolf → The Lighthouse

John Milton→ Paradise Lost


So that’s it for today! My top 8 favourite books I guess! There are so many I am looking forward to add in the following posts. Don’t forget to click the like button if you enjoyed it, thanks for reading from me and subscribe to my blog!






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